Thunder Road 1958 Movie

thunder road 1958

Thunder Road 1958 Full Movie Trailer

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Reviewed by ccthemovieman-1  8 / 10

Loved Those Cars And Chase Scenes

Someone here labelled this film “hillybilly film noir.” I think that’s a great description of this movie. This is about the good ‘ole boys racing their souped-up ’50s Fords around country roads, running moonshine and trying to evade both cops and gangsters. In fact, I wish they had more of those chase scenes because, even with primitive special effects, they were fun to watch. The ending chase would have been longer if I had my way.

Mitchum is fun to watch here, too. He just looked like a rugged guy, a “man’s man,” as they say. His kid brother Jim made his film debut in here and wasn’t bad for a beginner. He and another beginner, singer Keely Smith, are a bit wooden but passable as actors. Keely also had an interesting face.

I think this is one of those films that gets better with each viewing. Highly recommended.

Reviewed by michaelRokeefe  6 / 10

Mountain man moves moonshine to Memphis.

Arthur Ripley directs this cult classic crime/Noir. War vet Robert Mitchum returns home to ramrod the family moonshine business. This hard-headed bootlegger takes on the Feds and the Mob while burning the roads in his whiskey-laden hot rods. If that is not enough, he must keep his young brother(James Mitchum)from moving up from mechanic to driver in the family business and then there is the romancing of a Memphis chanteuse(Keely Smith). Also in the cast are Gene Barry, Sandra Knight and Jacques Aubuchon. Bob Mitchum produces, and takes partial writing credit plus writes songs for this evocative glimpse of southern culture. Mitchum also oversees his younger brother’s film debut.

NOTE: It is said that Elvis Presley enjoyed this movie so much that he memorized bad Bob’s lines of the script.

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